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Are you a beginner in blogging?

Is your website a brand new?

Do you want to optimize your website?

But don’t know how?

Then don’t worry.

Sit back and relax.

We have a solution for you


A Site Audit Guide

Site audit is one of the parts of Digital Marketing that is conducted to find whether your website is functioning properly or not. To conduct it you will need a certain tools and methods to find the issues in your website. These tools not only help you find the issues in non-technical areas but also the technical areas of the website. 

A few issues to mention are

Page loading issues

Mobile Friendly test


Broken Links

Page Speed

SSL Certificate

And so on…

This Site Audit Guide helps you in finding the same.

A must have eBook for your website. 

A must have beginner’s guide.

This eBook is written by the author and founder of Hungry Palate with experience in the Digital Marketing, blogging, maintaining the website and monitoring the same.

Site Audit Guide eBook Includes

  • Introduction
  • What is a Site Audit?
  • Why Site Audit?
  • How Site Audit is Conducted?
  • Tools required for a Site Audit
  • How Often a Site Audit is done?
  • Site Audit Report Format
  • Conclusion