Homemade Peanut Butter/Make Peanut Butter at Home

Homemade Peanut Butter?!?!  yes you heard it right! We can prepare Peanut Butter easily, quickly within no time at home. The only things you need are Peanuts, a pan or kadai, and a blender jar, that’s it.

Peanuts also called Groundnuts/Chanakkayalu/Veru sanakkayalu/Pallilu/Kadalekai are rich in essential nutrients which gives instant energy when tired. When hungry munch on peanuts, instead of fried snacks. Peanuts and Jaggery are a great combo. However few people are allergic to peanuts/groundnuts or nuts.


Peanuts/Groundnuts are widely used in Indian Cuisine gravies/curries etc as well as in Thai Cuisines. Boiled peanuts are yet another healthy evening snack

Peanut butter is prepared by roasting peanuts prior and can be done in two ways

-one way is roasting dry in a pan or kadai

-Another, roasting in salt or sand ( ever observed roadside vendors does same near parks etc)

You can roast, either way, I roasted in salt for this recipe. Peanuts will be a little salty when roasted in the salt which can be eaten as it is.

Now let’s jump into the procedure to make Homemade Peanut Butter


  • Peanut Butter-1 Cup
  • Salt-250gms for roasting peanuts

Procedure for Homemade Peanut Butter

  1. Pour salt in a pan or kadai and let it heat for 5 minutes.

    Salt in Pan or Kadai
    Salt in Pan or Kadai
  2. Once the salt is hot, add in peanuts and roast until golden brown or aromatic.

    Roasting Peanuts in Salt
    Roasting Peanuts in Salt
  3. Remove the roasted peanuts, separate from salt and take into a plate and allow it cool down.
  4. Once cooled, remove the skin by crushing between hands.

    Peanuts Skin removed
    Peanuts Skin removed
  5. Now put the peanuts into a blender jar and grind for few seconds.
  6. Mix with a spoon and grind again in intervals until smooth. I kept the Peanut Butter little crunchy. You can grind as per your taste either Crunchy or Smooth
  7. As you start grinding, peanuts ooze out oil which helps to form a butter-like consistency.

    Peanuts Ground into fine paste
    Peanuts Ground into a fine paste
  8. Leave for 5 minutes in the blender jar.
  9. After 5minutes transfer into an airtight glass jar and preserve for up to 2weeks in the refrigerator.

You can skip the salt and roast Peanuts alone.

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