Smoothie Bowl

Banana Smoothie Bowl

Banana Smoothie Bowl is one of the healthiest and filling breakfasts as it contains all the nutrients required for our skin and body. But I never tried one so far.

Today I was not in a mood to prepare a usual BREAKFAST like Upma, avalakki, etc. But wanted to go with a simple and quick breakfast as I was damn hungry. So that’s when I headed to my kitchen and saw bananas lying over on my kitchen top.

And Immediately my mind was like “why can’t you make a smoothie bowl out of these bananas?” then I said Yes My lord ( Mind 😛 ) I will prepare this for breakfast 😀 so I grabbed few more available ingredients and made this.

Trust me this turned out to be a Delicious yet so Filling Breakfast.

Let’s jump into this quick, easy and healthy recipe.

Ingredients for the Smoothie Bowl

  • Bananas/Aratipandlu/Baalehannu-2*
  • Dry Berries- As required
  • Rolled Oats-¼ Cup
  • Curd/Yogurt/Perugu/Mosaru-¼ Cup
  • Almonds/Baadaam Pappu/Baadaami-12 Nos
  • Pomegranate/Daanimma/Daalimbe-1 the fruit
  • Water -To soak Almonds

*I took two small bananas called Yelakki Banana/yelakki baalehannu


  • Pomegranate/Daanimma/Daanimbe-½ ( keep aside half from the above list)
  • Dark Chocolate -2 square pieces or more
  • Cocoa Powder- As required (optional)


  1. Take water in a bowl and heat it for some time.
  2. Once the water is hot enough, pour it into the almonds and let it sit for a while. or soak almonds overnight in normal water.
  3. Meanwhile, peel the pomegranate and separate the pomegranate pearls and keep it aside.
  4. Almonds should be soft a bit by now, so peel the skin and keep aside.
  5. Take a mixer grinder (I took the large jar that comes with any mixer grinder/mixi), add in all under the ingredients for the smoothie bowl list and blend until smooth. Don’t worry if the almonds remain crunch, it will taste good trust me.
  6. Transfer the smoothie to a serving bowl, top it with pomegranate pearls, dark chocolate shavings.Banana Bowl
  7.  Enjoy your delicious Banana smoothie bowl for breakfast.

Extra Points

-You can increase the quantity of curd and oats according to your taste and requirement

-Also, you can replace curd with greek yoghurt

-Can use any fresh berries of your choice


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